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Meet Charmed Coast Jewelry Owners

"Our jewelry is created with the main goal of not outshining your beauty, but to compliment it."

Charmed Coast was a brainstorm between me (Janice) and my partner in everything (Eric). It is based on the belief that all things beautiful start as something as simple as the sand on the coast. It is beautiful, but does not outshine the beauty of the ocean. This is exactly the goal of the jewelry we produce.

You are beautiful, you are perfect, and with the perfect match of jewelry- you can express the beauty that is within.

Jewelry is not a particular word that can explain who you are, it is an expression. I especially love natural gemstones and creating jewelry with healing crystals, because it's jewelry that can even lift your spirits. On a day when you want to express that simple elegance, you can choose from your arsenal of minimalist necklaces. On a day when you feel down and you need a little negativity cleanse- you may choose your clear quartz or that beautiful amethyst necklace.

We at Charmed Coast also believe in the power of other small mom and pop shops. We spend countless hours choosing great quality crystals and stones from other small shop owners to incorporate in our pieces.


To get in touch with us or to follow what's going on and giveaways we are hosting, please go to our Instagram page @CharmedCoastJewelry



If you also own a small business and think you have raw gemstones that would be fitting for our store and our simple pieces, please send us a message:


With all the love,

-Janice & Eric


Based in Orlando, FL